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Borderlands 2: Sugar Daddy Trophy/Achievement – EXPLOIT – HTG

Borderlands 2: Sugar Daddy Trophy/Achievement – EXPLOIT – HTG


(HTG) Brian takes shows you how to earn the “Sugar Daddy” Trophy/Achievement for Borderlands 2. To earn the Sugar Daddy trophy/achievement you need to tip Moxxi $10,000. We did however find a nice little trick that with a few extra minutes can save your money and earn you the sugar daddy trophy/achievement. First off you need to make sure you have $10,000 and if your playing with friends whoever the host is, should do this process last. Trade money to person getting trophy/achievement. Run to the front of the Sanctuary and save by running by the save box. Once you have done this, return to Moxxxi’s and tip Moxxi $1000 ten times. As soon as the Sugar Daddy trophy/achievement pops, QUIT GAME and make sure you dont save. Turn off the system if your worried or are unsure. From here simply load back in and you will have the money and the sugar daddy trophy/achievement. Watch the video if your confused and we show you the whole process and that in fact it works.KEY THING TO REMEMBER IS to save once you have traded money with friends IF your trading you will need to save out front of the Sanctuary each time. Hopefully this info saves you some money and earns you the Sugar Daddy trophy/achievement for Borderlands 2.

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