(HTG) Brian walks you through level 12, The Great American Savior Of The Poor, and grabs 2 Golden Gun working towards the “A Licence To Kill” Trophy/Achievement as well as the 6 Clues towards the “An Echos To The Past” Trophy/Achievement all for Max Payne 3. We also get a bonus trophy/achievement “Sometimes You Get Lucky” for getting a headshot while on the rooftop during a tremor. This trophy/achievement can be done on any aim assist mode (Free Aim, Soft Lock, Hard Lock). Follow along and obtain the Golden Guns Needed for the A Licence to Kill trophy/achievement as well as the clues towards the An Echo from the Past trophy/achievement and also get that bonus one as well Sometimes You Get Lucky! Hopefully this helps you through The Great American Savior Of The Poor on Max Payne 3.

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