Sony Playstation 5.0 Update created issues for some not being able to log in or access downloaded content. “Sign into Playstation Network and view the latest information for this application” is popping up for man so we show you how to fix the PSN issues after the 5.0 update. The PSN’s 5.0 update changed a handful of things, but didn’t require the user to accept the new terms of agreement form. So this is the way to accept the agreement and get back online to play your games. Simply turn on PS4. Update to 5.0 if you have not already. Once the PSN 5.0 update has been installed if you have any issues with locked content or get the message “Sign into Playstation Network and view the latest information for this application” simply enter the store or try and launch the application to access the log in feature and prompt the Terms of Agreement screen. Simply accept the terms, and then select any privacy options you may want to update after you accept and it should take you back to the store or launch the game for you. This has effected many PSN users, so hopefully we helped get you by the 5.0 Update issues and you are back online with your friends gaming! #BooYaKaShouw!!

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