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Sniper Elite 4: Level 2 / Bitanti Village (Collectibles Guide) – HTG

Sniper Elite 4: Level 2 / Bitanti Village (Collectibles Guide) – HTG


Follow along as (HTG) Brian noobs his way through Level 2 Bitanti Village in Sniper Elite 4 Collectible guide. In Bitanti Village, we find all collectibles including the Letters to Home, Letters From Home, Last Letters, Misc. Documents, Sniper Reports, Duty Rosters and Stone Eagles . In this video we do get the 3 Optional Objectives, Destroy 3 Cameras and Checkpoint Chokepoint (Clear out the tunnel area). We have noted the times of the Bitanti Village collectibles down below. We are excited to finally have our hands on Sniper Elite 4 and getting those x-ray cams back!! Thank you for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Sniper Elite v4 needs, and don’t be afraid to request any other SE4 videos you would like to see. Cccyya! #SniperElite4 #Collectibles #BooYaKaShouw

Quick Links to Level 2 Bitanti Village Collectibles:
Last Letters 1: 00:50
Stone Eagle 1: 01:37
Stone Eagle 2: 01:55
Stone Eagle 3: 02:15
Misc Documents 1: 02:37
Duty Roster 1: 02:59
Letter From Home 1: 03:42
Misc Documents 2: 04:03
Misc Documents 3: 04:39
Sniper Report / Optional Objective 1: 05:07
Last Letters 2: 06:12
Letter To Home 1: 07:22
Optional Objective 2: 08:17
Last Letters 3: 08:47
Letter To Home 2: 09:04
Duty Roster 2: 09:21
Duty Roster 3: 10:20
Misc Documents 4: 11:01
Letter From Home 2: 11:16
Misc Documents 5: 11:40
Letter To Home 3: 12:10
Misc Documents 6: 12:31
Letter From Home 3: 13:17
Misc Documents 7: 13:44
Last Letters 4: 15:38
Last Letters 5: 16:03
Duty Roster 4: 16:09
Letter To Home 4: 16:47
Letter From Home 4: 17:27
Letter From Home 5: 17:56
Misc Documents 8: 18:29
Mausoleum Key for Investigate Graveyard Optional Objective: 18:49
Misc Documents 9: 19:04
Letter To Home 5: 19:29
Misc Documents 10: 20:33

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We Shall Fight on the Beaches Trophy/Achievement

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