Home Games Brick Builders Club: Unboxing of February 2015 #BrickSwag – HTG
Brick Builders Club: Unboxing of February 2015 #BrickSwag – HTG

Brick Builders Club: Unboxing of February 2015 #BrickSwag – HTG


(HTG) Brian was lucky enough to get his hands on a Brick Builders Club monthly subscription box for February 2015. All this Brick Swag was sent to us from the monthly subscription Brick Builders Club which features Lego themed items and t-shirts each month. If you are into Lego, you won’t want to miss out on this. Each month you get a custom Brick Builders Club lego build. They create something new for each month. This month was a classic Pac Man arcade cabinet. Even came with stickers to complete the look! Also included in the February 2015 box: Lego Trading Cards, Lego Brick dry-erase eraser, Lego themed playing cards, Brick Builders Club t-shirt, Lego themed Checker/Chess board and the monthly magazine/comic that showcases all items in the box. Special thanks for all the Brick Swag from Brick Builders Club and we look forward to future boxes! If you are interested in your own Brick Swag, make sure you follow the link below and sign up today!

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