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Basic Thumby 2.0 T-shirt contest – HTG

Basic Thumby 2.0 T-shirt contest – HTG






Coloring Contest Details for Feb 6th 2015:

What you can win:
This weeks contest you will have the chance to win 1 Signed Basic Thumby 2.0 Tee* from our current campaign and a 1x Combo sticker pack (1 Thumby and 1 BooYaKaShouw sticker). If you prefer us not to sign the shirt, that is ok too. The signing process will take a few extra days for us to send the shirt to all 3 of us (Brian, Doug and Mal). Once signed by all 3, we will ship it out so you can wear it or snuggle with it. ­čÖé

*Available in Adult Sizes: Small – 5 XL. We understand this is geared for all ages and being a coloring contest, the majority will be smaller then an Adult Small, but we are not able to get children’s sizes at this time. We are looking into options for the future on this though. Make sure you send us a message if you would want to order an HTG Thumby shirt for your little, so we can gauge how big the interest is.

How to win:
ThumbyOutline for Coloring_ThumbDownload our Thumby coloring template. From here you can print and color, or use software on your computer/phone to color him in. If you used a digital method, print once completed. From here it is all up to your creativity. You could frame your picture you colored. You could cut him out and use a camera to take a picture of you guys together, whatever you can think of (Please keep it clean). If you do not have access to a printer, you can draw your own Thumby as well, but you must submit a picture of your work to be entered. You will have till Sunday Feb 15th 2015 to submit your entry (Just over 1 week to enter). You can post your picture to our Facebook page or our Contest page on our website in which we will select our favorite and announce the winner on our Facebook page at around 6pm PST on Sunday February 15th 2015.

Other details:
The shirt campaign ends on February 16th 2015 in which our order will be made and take 10-14 days for us to receive. At this point depending on if you prefer to have us all sign it or not will determine how long till you will actually receive your Basic Thumby 2.0 Tee. You will have only 24 hours to claim your prize on Feb 15th 2015 starting at 6pm PST. If you do not respond to messages from HappyThumbsGaming, we will try and select another winner before our campaign closes and we are no longer to order the shirt. If both the first and second place winners are contacted (both getting a 24 hour window to replay) and neither reply in time, we will no longer be able to order and we will offer the 1x combo pack to the 3rd place winner.



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