Home Games Watch Dogs: “Scanproof” Trophy/Achievement (Tips to avoid scan detection) – HTG
Watch Dogs: “Scanproof” Trophy/Achievement (Tips to avoid scan detection) – HTG

Watch Dogs: “Scanproof” Trophy/Achievement (Tips to avoid scan detection) – HTG


Trophy/Achievement: “Scanproof” (Silver)(30G) — Escape a level 5 scan
Location: Anywhere/Random, we suggest Act 4 Mission 2/In Plain Sight due to it starting you with level 4.5 star rating.

(HTG) Brian shows you how to ring off the Scanproof trophy/achievement for Watch Dogs from UbiSoft. The Scanproof Trophy/Achievement for Watch Dogs requires you to Escape a level 5 police chase. We found the easiest way to do this is to attempt this during Act 4 Mission 2, In Plain Sight. During this mission, you start with a level 4+ star rating and it is quick and easy to reach a level 5 star rating. Once the Level 5 star rating is reached, pedestrians will start to call the cops and the scanning will begin. At this time if you have not already plotted the path shown in the video, do so now. Once your course is plotted, hop in a vehicle and chase down your target related to the mission WHILE WATCHING THE COMPASS FOR POLICE SCAN. Once you are inside the scan circle use one of your Jam Coms to buy yourself a small amount of time to avoid the positive scan. If you are attempting the scanproof trophy achievement during Act 4 Mission 2 In Plain Sight, make sure you take down your target along the way, this can be tricky to take the target down while also watching the scanner for Yellow scan lines. If they are yellow you are being positively scanned and need to use a Jam Coms or get outside of the yellow circle. Follow your path, use your Jam Coms and and watch the scanproof trophy/achievement for Watch Dogs ring off as a result. The video has some other great tips to avoid police detection and earn that Scanproof Trophy/Achievement. We have plans to do a handful more Trophy/Achievement videos for Watch dogs and are open for requests too if you need or want to see something. Thank you for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Watch Dogs needs and let us know how we can help!! BooYaKaShouw!

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