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MOGA Game On Anywhere First Look – HTG

MOGA Game On Anywhere First Look – HTG



MOGA.. what is it you ask? Well although not confirmed by anybody we talked to, one would think MOGA is short for MObile GAming. The idea behind MOGA is to be able to game anywhere.  Rather than creating another device that more or less is its own portable console costing you hundreds of dollars, MOGA prides itself on being an addition to your already existing mobile phone. This helps the user experience gaming on the go without having to dump tons of dollars on yet another gaming system.  Currently there are 2 different types available, MOGA Pocket and the MOGA Pro. With a couple on the way, and after hearing this and seeing the 2 models available, we were intrigued to say the very least.


The MOGA Pocket is the original concept and is ultra-portable and is great for the everyday gamer. Simply add your mobile device to the smart clamp or place it with the nice tripod stand that it comes with and start playing your favorite titles right away.  As s0on as the MOGA Pocket model was out the door, it was accepted by many gamers out there.  As shown in the picture(s) it does have 2 mini analog sticks, single analog triggers and 4 action buttons. All MOGA devices connect to your Android phones 2.3+ (iOS coming soon) through Bluetooth. MOGA Pocket runs off of 2 – 1.5v “AAA” batteries and ready for this.. 18 hours of battery life is expected from the MOGA Pocket! I would imagine this is longer than any current Android phones.


As time would go on, users reported tons of info and the concept of a new and improved model went in to production. Soon after the MOGA Pro would debut, it proved that MOGA was ready for not just the everyday gamer but the extreme gamer as well. It boasts control-style grips, dual analog sticks that are clickable, a classic directional pad, the standard 4 button set up that are illuminated for easy viewing in the dark as well as the dual sets of triggers up top. It would seem as though it was modeled after the Xbox 360 controller, and naturally most gamers feel right at home.MOGAProMSRP



Both MOGA models use 2 different modes (Mode A and Mode B). One is optimized for MOGA games (mode A) and the other (mode B) is a more generic set up that applies to most if not all non MOGA compatible games. Speaking of games, currently you can find all games geared for the MOGA via a cool app that is free from your mobile device app store called MOGA Pivot. This app functions as a filter for all MOGA games as well as listing out all of you’re already purchased games. It actually categorizes games that are MOGA compatible and separates them from the games that are not as friendly and require “mode b.”

We met with MOGA at PAX Prime 2013 and was lucky enough to get a MOGA Pro for a review so be on the look out for a full product review and what HTG thinks after a few days hands on with one.  If you are interested in more info about MOGA, make sure you visit there Facebook page, and there official website MogaAnyWhere.com. As always we want to know what your thoughts are and if you have one or plan on getting one.

MOGA Pocket




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Review link will be added here when it goes live
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