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Grand Theft Auto 5: Out of Your Depth Trophy/Achievement – HTG

Grand Theft Auto 5: Out of Your Depth Trophy/Achievement – HTG


Trophy/Achievement: “Out of Your Depth” (Bronze/5G)
Location: North East corner of Map

(HTG) Brian shows you how and where to earn the “Out of Your Depth” Trophy/Achievement in the new “Grand Theft Auto 5” aka “GTA 5” just released for PS3 and Xbox 360. The goal for the Out of Your Depth trophy/achievement is to get eaten by a shark while playing Grand Theft Auto 5. In GTA5, after completing the “Hood Safari” mission, Sea Races become unlocked and Jet Skis become available around the map. We chose the North East sea race and then drove further North to find us a shark. Simply follow the coastline North and wait for a red blip on the map indicating a shark in the water. Jump in and let him snack on you for the Out of Your Depth Trophy/Achievement. We have been told you can get it sooner in the story with a random boat, but this seemed to be a quick easy way of tracking down both a water craft and a shark for you to earn the out of your depth trophy/achievement for gta5. We really had been busy and were planning on passing this game up for coverage, but you guys spoke clearly you wanted HappyThumbsGaming to cover Grand Theft Auto 5. So make sure you drop some comments below or head over to our Facebook page and tell us what videos you would like to see done. You need a stunt jump? How about some collectibles? Let us know and we will see what kind of Grand Theft Auto 5 help we can provide!

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Trophy/Achievement earned in this video: Out of Your Depth

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