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Dynasty Warriors 8: Vocal Enthusiast (Trophy/Achievement) – HTG

Dynasty Warriors 8: Vocal Enthusiast (Trophy/Achievement) – HTG


Trophy/Achievement: Vocal Enthusiast (Bronze)/(10G) – Listen to all of the voice lines within the Gallery.

(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to get the “Vocal Enthusiast” Trophy/Achievement for Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3 and Xbox360. This Dynasty Warriors 8 video is to show you how collect all of the characters voices and earn the Vocal Enthusiast trophy/achievement. The Vocal Enthusiast trophy/achievement takes place in ambition mode and can be played at any time, Follow along with the Video and use the technique recommended by us you will earn the Vocal Enthusiast trophy/achievement for Dynasty Warriors 8. Your opinion is important to us so if there are any videos you would like us to add let us know and we will try to get them up. Thank you for choosing Happy Thumbs Gaming for all of your gaming needs.

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