Home Games Tomb Raider: Storm Chaser – All Collectables (Documents, Relics, GPS Caches & Challenges) – HTG
Tomb Raider: Storm Chaser – All Collectables (Documents, Relics, GPS Caches & Challenges) – HTG

Tomb Raider: Storm Chaser – All Collectables (Documents, Relics, GPS Caches & Challenges) – HTG


Location: Level 21 Storm Chaser – Document, Relic,GPS Cache, Tomb, Totems (Sun Killer Challenge) locations
Trophy/Achievement Objective: No Stone Left Unturned (100% of the Document, Relic,GPS Cache)

(HTG) Brian shows you in level 21, The Fast Way Down, where we find 5 Documents, 2 Relics, 5 GPS Caches 5 Totems (Sun Killer Challenge) for Tomb Raider on the Playstation 3 Xbox360 and PC. Use the quick link buttons below if your wanting to access the collectables in Level 21 some time alone. We continue on in Level 21 and if you followed along in our series so far, you should be all caught up and at the Survivors Camp on Shipwreck Beach we get going by immediately talking to all Endurance members to complete Chatterbox Trophy/Achievement if you followed along with all of our videos. We then find our way around Shipwreck Beach and find the 4 Documents, 2 Relics, 5 GPS Caches 5 Totems and the all for Tomb Raider. Stay tuned for more Tomb Raider collectable videos until we earn all Documents, Relics, GPS Caches to earn the No Stone Left Unturned Trophy/Achievement as well as complete the Challenges and find all the Tombs to earn the Intellectually Superior Trophy/Achievement. Thanks for choosing HappyThumbsGaming for your Tomb Raider needs.

Fast forward quick links:
Chatterbox: 00:24
Temple of Hand Maiden Tomb: 01:13
GPS Cache 1: 04:36
Document 1: 05:18
GPS Cache 2: 06:02
GPS Cache 3: 09:26
Relic 1: 10:04
Totem 1: 10:45
Document 2: 11:43
Totem 2: 12:14
Totem 3: 12:47
Document 3: 12:57
GPS Cache 4: 13:53
Totem 4: 16:29
Totem 5: 16:39
Relic 2: 16:45
Treasure Map: 17:45
GPS Cache 5: 18:03

Trophies/Achievements obtained in video:
No Stone Left Unturned Trophy/Achievement – Find all documents, relics, and GPS caches

Tomb Raider Playlist:



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(HTG) Brian Dad, gamer, husband, and sometimes.. a noob.


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