(HTG)Jeremy shows you how to use the Devil Horns in pure survival and hardcore gaming modes for Dead Space 3.You have to beat the game on classic mode to earn the devil horns for Dead Space 3. Then start a game using new game plus and get to your first work bench. Once you are there save and quit. Go to the XMB and delete the game data (NOT YOUR SAVE DATA). After that go to the store and download your DLC and online pass again. When you start up the game do not install the update. load you game and they will appear in you safe in the work bench. Save and quit and download the patch. Follow along with the Video and you will be able to use the devil horns in pure survival and hardcore game modes for Dead Space 3.. Your opinion is important to us so if there are any videos you would like us to add let us know and we will try to get them up. Thank you for choosing Happy Thumbs Gaming for all of your gaming walkthrough needs.

Link to our Dead Space 3 playlist:



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