Location: Chapter 5- Expect Delays

***We collected some of Chapter 6’s collectables in the Chapter 5 video. If you are follow the video series you will collect all of the collectables***

(HTG)Jeremy shows you how to get all of the Dead Space 3 collectables in Chapter 5: Expect Delays. This includes all S.C.A.F Artifacts, Unitologist Artifacts, Audio Logs, Text Logs, Weapon Parts and Circuits for Dead Space 3 in Chapter 5:Expect Delays. Collecting these collectables is required to get multiple trophies and achievements for Dead Space 3. Follow along with the Video and you will find all of the Collectables in Chapter 5: Expect Delays for Dead Space 3 in no time. Your opinion is important to us so if there are any videos you would like us to add let us know and we will try to get them up. Thank you for choosing Happy Thumbs Gaming for all of your gaming walkthrough needs.

Timeline Fast Forward:
Weapon Part #1 0:20
Artifact #1 0:45
Audio Log #1 0:55
Circuit #1 1:02
Text Log #1 1:15
Weapon Part #2 1:30
Text Log #2 1:48
Circuit #2 2:00
Audio Log #2 2:26
Text Log #3 2:35
Weapon Part #3 2:51
Audio Log #3 3:06
Artifact #1 3:14
Audio Log #4 3:36
Weapon Part #4 3:53
Circuit #3 4:09
Circuit #4 4:27
Weapon Part #5 5:13
Artifact #3 5:24
Text Log #4 5:45
Text Log #5 5:59
Audio Log #5 6:15
Circuit #5 6:25
Circuit #6 6:50
Weapon Part #6 7:01

Trophies / Achievements Earned:
-Aliens: Collect all alien artifacts
-The Professor: Collect all artifacts
-The Librarian: Collect all logs
-The Armorer: Collect all circuits

Link to our Dead Space 3 playlist:



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