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Payday The Heist: Detective Gadget Trophy – HTG

Payday The Heist: Detective Gadget Trophy – HTG


(HTG) Brian quickly shows you how to obtain the “Detective Gadget” Trophy for Payday The Heist on PS3. To earn the Detective Gadget trophy for Payday, you will need to “Beat any heist using the STRYK Pistol, AK Rifle, GL40 Grenade launcher, Tookit ugrade, Sentry Gun equipment, and Big Game Hunters crew bonus, and will need to have played the heist from the beginning “. So this means you have to simply equip the new Technician class that you get with the new Wolf Pack DLC and earn all of the above. Once you earn all of the items needed simply play any heist on any difficulty and beat it to earn the trophy “Detective Gadget” Follow along and learn how we earned the detective gadget trophy and hopefully you too will soon have it for Payday The Heist.

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