Home Games H1Z1: First Look at the PS4 Closed Beta (5/23/18) – HTGtv
H1Z1: First Look at the PS4 Closed Beta (5/23/18) – HTGtv

H1Z1: First Look at the PS4 Closed Beta (5/23/18) – HTGtv


H1Z1 has entered Open Beta on PS4 and we are going to take it for a spin in our H1Z1 Battle Royale First Look. H1Z1 is the latest Battle Royale mode to enter the ring, and it offers a very different experience then say Fortnite Battle Royale. Couple immediate changes noticed were, you can currently play Solo or Squads, but squads is a 5 man team. Vehicles are available for your driving pleasure! H1Z1 offers some decent driving moments, however so far it seems like humans do not take damage from cars… something to think about. Just like other Battle Royale games, H1Z1 drops players into a large map that allows them to search and build weapons and items. Once you stack up some guns and body armor, you are ready to battle it out in H1Z1. If the servers allow we hope to get some good games in and maybe even some wins! H1Z1 is free, so download it and give it a whirl if it looks fun to you!

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