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Dougie Plays: Destiny Things (PS4) – HTG

(HTG) Doug plays some Destiny in preparation of Rise of Iron later this month on Sept. 20th!!!! Link to our “Dougie Plays” Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs9rvQZdz2r5bGSJNaC9Kdi1OQyA4RDjg Find us on the web: http://HappyThumbsGaming.com Tweets by HappyThumbs http://facebook.com/happythumbsgaming http://patreon.com/happythumbsgaming http://google.com/+HappyThumbsGaming http://youtube.com/HappyThumbsGaming http://Twitch.tv/HappyThumbsGaming

Dougie Plays: Overwatch!!! (Sombra Gameplay) (PS4) – HTG