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LEGO the Hobbit Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

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This guide is still a work in progress, videos and formatting will be added/completed in the coming days.   I would like to give a special thanks to my friend, ModernWarbear_2, who helped me co-write our LEGO...

Upcoming Games List 2015 (Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo) – HTG

4.93K Views2 Comments

Hey everyone!!! The new year is here and a lot of games have been announced, so we decided to compile a list of some of the bigger Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, ...

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham: Trophy/Achievement Guide (All DLC) – HTG

19.37K Views2 Comments

  Thumby's Essential Information   Platinum/100% Difficulty Rating: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 30-40 hours   Step 1: Complete all 15 Story Levels and Complete the Bonus Level As per u...

Battlefield 3 Roadkill Trophy / Achievement HTG

730 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to get the roadkill trophy/achievement on Battlefield 3. Use the end of the video buttons for other Battlefield 3 trophy/achievements!

Watchdogs: HTG First Look (First 40 min) – HTG

1.26K Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian noobs his way through hacking and sidewalk driving in the long awaited for Watchdogs from UbiSoft. Watchdogs is a game where you hack as your weapon. Yes you can shoot, but Watchdogs gives you another dime...

Lego Jurassic World: Level 18 STORY Are You Following The Dinosaur? Trophy/Achievement – HTG

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(HTG) Brian continues the Lego Jurassic World playlist by completing Level 18 - Out of Bounds and unlocking the Are you following the dinosaur? Trophy/Achievement. Follow along in our STORY mode walkthrough as we take...

Lego Dimensions: Lvl1 Follow the LEGO Brick Road/There’s No Place Like…This – HTG

600 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian kicks off our LEGO Dimensions STORY videos with Level 1 Follow the LEGO brick road. For completing Level 1 of Lego Dimensions, we unlock the There's No Place Like...This Trophy/Achievement. The Lego Dimens...

Lego Dimensions: Lvl 12 Prime Time FREE PLAY (All Stater Pack Minikits) – HTG

848 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian continues our LEGO Dimensions FREE PLAY videos with Level 12 Prime Time (Lego Mash up level) we find 2 Minikits with the Starter Pack characters. We are completing FREE PLAY w/ ONLY STARTER PACK CHARACTERS...

Lego Dimensions: The Palace of Versailles Doctor Who Easter Egg – HTG

663 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian discovers The Lego Palace of Versailles, home of Rennette from Doctor Who while playing LEGO Dimensions!! The Doctor Who Level Pack is required to access the newly found Lego Palace of Versailles Doctor Wh...

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Lvl 1 / Assault On Jakku STORY – HTG

392 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian plays and completes Level 1 / Assault on Jakku STORY for the new Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens . The Lego Star Wars Force Awakens Assault on Jakku STORY video will cover all of the STORY related info an...

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: NSWA/The Crimson Corsair FREE PLAY (All Minikits & Red Brick)- HTG

386 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian plays and completes NSWA / The Crimson Corsair FREE PLAY for the new Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. The Lego Star Wars Force Awakens FREE PLAY videos will cover all the Minikits and Red Bricks and any r...

Lego Dimensions: Mission Impossible Level Pack #71248 Unboxing, Speed Build & Gameplay – HTG

852 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Brian and Rhyse unbox the LEGO Dimensions Mission Impossible LEVEL Pack #71248. The Lego Dimensions Mission Impossible is a 76 LEGO piece set and includes 1 Minifigure (Ethan Hunt), IMF Scrambler (ShockCycle and...

Lego Dimensions: Lego Batman Movie / The Final Showdown STORY – HTG

259 Views0 Comments

Lego Batman Movie STORY pack for Lego Dimensions comes with 6 new levels all focused on the Lego Batman Movie! The Final Showdown is the sixth and final level in the Lego Batman Movie Lego Dimensions experience!! For ...

Destiny 2: Xur’s First Appearance / Must Buy Merciless – HTG

1.65K Views0 Comments

Xur has made his first appearance in Destiny 2 and you get to check him out! He's selling "Merciless" which is one of the best Boss Killing weapons in Destiny 2 at this point! If you aren't sure who Xur is, he's a ven...

Uncharted 3: Ride the Crocodile Trophy – HTG

868 Views0 Comments

(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to get the "Ride the Crocodile" Trophy in Uncharted 3. This can be done during chapter 5 after you make it to the secret library. Once you obtain something and go through a gun fight follow ...

Gamebreak: January 2015 with Brian – HTG

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(HTG) Brian takes a few minutes to talk upcoming games, Lego Harry Potter, HTG Tshirts, Facebook contests and Channel support which is a new feature that YouTube offers. Grab a chair and hang out for a few, and let us...

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