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Lego Worlds Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

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Thumby's Essential Information - THIS GUIDE IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 30+ hours Step 1:  In this step you'll want to try and collect 100 gold bric...

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

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Thumby's Essential Information Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 25+ hours     Step 1: Complete all 12 The Force Awakens Story Missions, Prologue and Epilogue inclu...

Lego Jurassic World Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

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Thumby's Essential Information Platinum/100% Difficulty: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 20-25 hours   Step 1: Complete the game in Story Mode while collecting as many Amber Bricks and Minikits as ...

Game of Thrones Episode 4: Sons of Winter Review – HTG

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Game of Thrones is the latest episodic game series released by TellTale games. As is custom, the episodes are being released two to three months apart. This time there is a sixth episode, contrary from the usual fiv...

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham: Trophy/Achievement Guide (All DLC) – HTG

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  Thumby's Essential Information   Platinum/100% Difficulty Rating: 1/5 Estimated Time to Platinum/100%: 30-40 hours   Step 1: Complete all 15 Story Levels and Complete the Bonus Level As per u...

LEGO the Movie the Video Game Trophy/Achievement Guide – HTG

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    *Note* - At this time it is possible that the x10 Red Multiplier Brick will glitch on you rendering it unattainable causing you to start over if you want that 100% and Platty. In order to reduce the...

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD Kurt Zisa Battle (The Sandy Blade Trophy) – HTG

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HTG (Doug) shows you how to beat another Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD boss, Kurt Zisa. He is located in the desert of Agrabah, you will have to ride the magic carpet in Aladdin's House to get there. He is fairly easy t...

Borderlands 2: Moxxi’s Panties – HTG

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(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to catch a glimpsh at Moxxi's panties. Follow the video to find this hidden gem. Naughty, Naughty Gearbox developers. Follow Us:

Payday 2 Beta: First Look (Skills, Inventory and Safehouse) – HTG

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(HTG) Brian takes us on a short "First Look" of Payday 2 Beta. This video is meant to simply show off the new graphics, the extended Skill and Inventory slots as well as get our first peak at the Safehouse. We also fi...

Lego Lord of the Rings: Don’t Tell The Elf… Trophy/Achievement – HTG

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(HTG) Brian shows you how to earn the "Don't Tell The Elf..." Trophy/Achievement for Lego Lord of the Rings. Dont Tell The Elf requires you to Toss Gimli 30 times. We start off any time after you have completed Level ...

Dougie Plays: Battlefield 1 (Finally Playing that Campaign) (PS4) – HTG

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(HTG) Doug plays the Battlefield 1 Campaign for the first time since the game launched!!! Link to our "Dougie Plays" Playlist: Find us on ...

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Level 4 Smugglers Den – Story Walkthrough – HTG

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(HTG) Brian walks you through Level 4, Smugglers Den, for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean where we actually get some bonus trophy/achievements "Wind in your sails! Trophy/Achievement", "The Green Flash Trophy/Achievemen...

Sniper Elite V2: DoubleDose (CookingOff and Silent But Deadly) Trophy/Achievement – HTG

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(HTG) Brian quickly shows you a great spot for the "Double Dose" Trophy/Achievement and managed to grab the "Silent But Deadly" and "Cooking Off" Trophy(s)/Achievement(s) in Sniper Elite V2. The recommended place is o...

Gamebreak – Playstation 4 DualShock 4 UnBoxing/First Look at DualShock 4 – HTG

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(HTG) Brian while checking on the HappyThumbsGaming website, gets a visit from a special guest who comes baring PS4 gifts! That's right an early release PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller is now in our possession. W...

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7: Lvl 6 / A Veiled Threat FREE PLAY (All Collectibles) – HTG

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Level 6 / A Veiled Threat FREE PLAY in Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. A Veiled Threat Free Play offers 4 Hogwarts House Crest Pieces, 1 Student in Peril and 3 Character tokens. Before starting A Veiled Threat FREE PLAY ...

Far Cry 3: Unheard Trophy/Achievement – HTG

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(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to earn the "Unheard" trophy/achievement for Far Cry 3. The goal for the unheard trophy/achievement is to free an outpost without sounding the alarm. The sniper rifle with a silencer is the ...

Gamebreak: August 2015 with Brian – HTG

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(HTG) Brian talks what has been going on and what to expect from HappyThumbsGaming in the coming weeks. We also talk about our trip to Crater Lake a bit.. what an amazing place that is! As for upcoming games, we are c...

Watch Dogs: “Scanproof” Trophy/Achievement (Tips to avoid scan detection) – HTG

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Trophy/Achievement: "Scanproof" (Silver)(30G) -- Escape a level 5 scan Location: Anywhere/Random, we suggest Act 4 Mission 2/In Plain Sight due to it starting you with level 4.5 star rating. (HTG) Brian shows you how...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Level 14 Doom With a View – Story Walkthrough – HTG

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(HTG) Brian walks you through Level 14, Doom With A View STORY MODE for Lego Marvel Super Heroes. In our Lego Marvel Super Heroes level 14 doom with a view Story walkthrough we focus on the story and how to beat the l...

Dead Island Riptide: John Morgan’s Diary Locations – HTG

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Trophy/Achievement: The Collector (Bronze)/(15g) and The Hoarder (Silver)/(30g) - Find 50% and Find all of the Collectables on Palanai Island Location: Palanai Island, Tunnels, Pinai Ferry Station, Henderson (HTG)Bri...

Lego Dimensions: Enchanted Car / Build Instructions (Harry Potter TEAM Pack #71247) – HTG

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Enchanted Car Build Instructions for LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack #71247. The Lego Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack is a 119 piece set and includes 2 Minifigures (Lego Harry Potter and Lego Lord Voldemort) ...

Lego Marvel Avengers: Level 8 STORY/Lack of Insight Trophy/Achievement – HTG

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(HTG) Brian continues our Lego Marvel Avengers STORY videos with Level 8 Lack of Insight! Lack of Insight is the eighth of 15 levels of Lego Marvel Avengers where we showcase the cutscenes and how to beat each of the ...

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